Solving hindrances and red tape in HR

Oceanic Pharmachem Private Limited (OPPL) believes that HR function instead of providing help and resources can at times become a major obstacle to business goals

In many organizations, the HR group can become bogged down in policies, processes and red tape. In combination to that, if the company’s HR managers have either never worked on positive relationships, or are inexperienced in a complex workplace, then employee engagement and morale will take a serious hit. The HR department thus, will be seen as more of an obstacle that employees have to deal with, rather than as supportive of them in being successful.

The top management has to ensure time and again, that HR departments constantly provide outstanding service and do things differently. The HR must approach the employees as customers at all levels and serve & support at all times.
The major guidelines for the HR function can be summarized as follows:
 HR executives should be like talented service providers. They should help employees get every question answered, without them being referred on to someone else or pushed off. They have to find out and connect the right people, if proper solutions are not available and not send the employees to fend for it.
 HR department has to establish a set of standards for the workflow to enable the organization to reach full potential, be it a promised commitment, email responses, common HR tools, educational & training opportunities or support.
 HR personnel must be proactive in dedicating time to planning and strategy. This will ensure that the business has the right skills, people, structure and processes to maximize the potential through capable employees. Many employee issues can be warded off before they arise with the correct HR practices in place
 HR management should always measure & observe and be accountable for methods introduced into the business and the subsequent value-addition. They have to take care not to introduce cost and process for little return, in pretext of enhancing business.
 HR function should strive to know the happenings within the company, checking regularly to ensure requirements are being catered to or fixed at the earliest.
 A multi-person HR department should be clear about the responsibilities shared for handling issues and the exact executive to go to. Every person in the department needs to be able to answer basic questions about various areas of the HR team and not create unhelpful silos.

Poorly managed or careless HR can leave employees stifled and frustrated. It can even drive the best employees away. HR needs to have the same vision and focus as that of the overall business strategy. Every member of the HR team needs to know the Organizational strategy and the HR strategy, be aware of the operational and financial performance of the organization, and represent HR as a supportive place where people questions can be answered.