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  • Mesalamine

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    • Therapeutic Use    :   

      Antidiarrhoeals, oral electrolyte replacers and intestinal anti-inflammatories; All Other Therapeutic Products; Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Rheumatic Products

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      Dr Falk Pharma

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    • Molecular Weight   :   

      153.135 g/mol

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    This medication is used to treat a certain bowel disease (ulcerative colitis). It helps to reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis such as diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and stomach pain. Mesalamine belongs to a class of drugs known as aminosalicylates. It works by decreasing swelling in the colon.

    General Description

    Mesalazine, also known as mesalamine or 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA), is an aminosalicylate anti-inflammatory drug[2] used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, including ulcerative colitis,[3][4][5] or inflamed anus or rectum,[6] and to maintain remission in Crohn's disease.[3][7] It is sold in an oral form to maintain remission in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease,[3] and as a rectal suppository[4][6] and an enema for the lower bowel conditions.[5] It is generic and sold under many brand names worldwide,[1] and there are many formulations.[8] There are no data on use in pregnant women, but the drug does cross the placenta and is excreted in breast milk. The drug should not be used in children under two, people with kidney disease, or people who are allergic to aspirin.

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