Oceanic Pharmachem Pvt Ltd has vast experience in sourcing and developing alternative medicine i.e. herbal products for Pharmaceutical application in India. We have been in Nutraceutical business for over 2 decades & owe our global success to in-depth knowledge of active ingredients derived from medicinal plants coupled with our commitment to sourcing quality raw material.

Over the year, Oceanic Pharmachem Pvt Ltd has carefully evaluated, studied and understood the alternative branch of science for the treatment of mankind and hence we researched the age old medicine derived from plants which is today most commonly called Herbal Medicines. India is today the largest producer of herbal medicinal plants registering an extremely significant growth of 25% annually in the global herbal market.

Oceanic Pharmachem pvt Ltd has been offering various herbal medicines to its customers identifying its application for Anti- Obesity, Anti – Diabetic, Anti-Cholesterol, Antiarthritic, Female Libido Enhancer, Male Libido Enhancer, Cosmetics, Postmenopausal Syndrome, Memory Power Enhancer, Nutraceuticals Supplements of organic vitamins, minerals, etc.

Clinical studies, efficacy and toxicity tests, safety are just some of the ways we keep abreast of our competition.

Oceanic pharmachem pvt ltd have highly dedicated and experienced team of quality control experts whose integrity is unmatched and their focus unflinching.

Identifying this need and its efficacy as an alternate safe medicinal source and in order to procure the best herbal product to our customers across the globe we have associated ourselves with some of the best herbal companies in India. Today we are serving herbal products to various customers across the globe which is primarily attributable to our right pricing and right sourcing with our right partners. Besides this our persistent research and marketing of high valued herbal ingredients is an endorsement to our ability as one of India’s prolific herbal supplier meeting global benchmarks.

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DISCLAIMER: Products under Patent for Research and Development and/or for experimental use and not for commercialization.Sale of the products is limited to those exempted under Section 107A(a) of the Patents Act. 1970 in India.Under 35 U.S. code § 271(e)(1) in USA and under EC Directives 2001/82/EC (as amended by Directive 2004/28/EC) and 2001/83/EC (as Emended by Directives 2002/98/EC, 2003/63/EC and 2004/27/EC) in European Union and such similar statutes as may be in force/applicable in various other territories/countries.