Employee Engagement and Experience Driven by “Culture First”

Oceanic Pharmachem: Employee Engagement and Experience Driven by “Culture First”

Oceanic Pharmachem Private Limited (OPPL) understands that Organizational culture, engagement, and employee brand proposition will remain top priorities for companies, with employee experience gaining importance.

Culture First

Culture is an outcome, the result of a focus on employee engagement based on culture first approach and great employee experience.

For organizational culture, the definition centres on the concepts of values and assumptions which contribute to the development of norms, behaviours, and other cultural activities. Defining a company culture is very important for understanding the happenings within the organization. A strong valuesled culture keeps an organization healthy and its employees inspired.

Organizational culture is important to measure, evaluate and match individual profiles of employees and the corporate strategy. Companies must focus on fitting individuals into the corporate culture, the moment a candidate joins and immediately activating the drivers for organization growth and success, with the following practices:
* Right hiring and promotion
* Proper alignments of skills, including the soft skills
* Taking the right talent decisions
* Fitting to the corporate branding

The culture of the organization is shaped by each single individual. Successful talent decisions will be driven by cultural fit and in the long term, will have the following benefits:

* Reduce in recruitment cost and higher success rate of recruiting with right hiring match
* Increase in retention, employee satisfaction, performance indicators and productivity
* Build and choose better leaders and find the right successors

 Employee Engagement

Time and again, it has been proved that engaged employees are more likely to perform better and improve organizational success. And as companies move more towards agile organizational models, there will be more increase in the employee engagement rates.

Employee Engagement refers to an employee’s job satisfaction, loyalty, and inclination to spend discretionary effort toward organizational goals. Companies measure engagement through an annual employee survey or by a continuous feedback culture. The important characteristic about employee engagement is that, it is a real-time assessment of how employees feel about their organization and their work. Because employee engagement and organization’ culture both involve an individual’s relationship with their workplace, it is necessary to bring them always together.

Employee Experience

Companies will need a new approach that builds on the foundation of culture and engagement to focus on the employee experience holistically, considering all the contributors to worker satisfaction, engagement, wellness, and alignment.
Today organizations must focus on the employee engagement to have the right positive employee experience on the foundation of culture. This can be achieved by managing the following aspects of employee experience along with employee engagement and culture:

* Productivity and Collaboration
* Engagement and Feedback
* Performance Management
* Well-Being
* Culture Fit
* Employee Services

It thus becomes imperative for companies to plan and consider about employee engagement and experiences, based on the individual and organization culture.