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  • April-6-2020

The world is reeling under the pandemic of Covid-19

The world is currently reeling under the pandemic of Covid-19. The UN Secretary-General has warned that the world faces the most challenging crisis since World War II, confronting a pandemic threatening people not only in India but worldwide. During the current crisis, Oceanic Pharmachem like always came forward to fight against this pandemic of covid-19, by donating Rs. 11.00 lakhs to the Prime Minister Cares fund and an additional Rs.10.00 lakhs to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra state government relief fund to fight Covid-19.
The fund would be utilized by the Central and the State government not only in improving the healthcare facilities but also will act as a relief to daily wage workers by providing them with daily meals.
Oceanic Pharmachem has been at the forefront of any crises affecting India and the world with its various initiatives as part of it’s Social Corporate responsibility.
The number of cases of the novel corona virus across the globe has crossed the 1 million mark as the global death toll has already exceeded 70,000. In India, the number of infected cases has risen to 4,314 and the death toll has crossed 118 till date.
The disease represents a threat to everybody in the world and will have a severe global economic impact and will lead to a global recession.
The Oceanic PharmaChem urges likeminded well-wishers and fellow industrialists to come together and contribute wholeheartedly and generously during this time of crises to the Prime ministers care fund.

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