Business Value through Work-Life Balance

Oceanic Pharmachem: Business Value through Work-Life Balance

Oceanic Pharmachem Private Limited (OPPL) believes that the HR Department can help retain people and add value to the business by maintaining a good environment to work in.

A true HR has to be constantly evolving and must build upon the traditional principles. Today, HR is not adding value to the business, just by managing the employees, but also by taking care of them.

A new challenge for HR is retention, which can only be achieved by creating a good work-life balance. If people have to be retained, it is important to have a good environment to work in, as well as, a flexibility to adjust the work timings.

Employers, with the help of HR department, should think about empowering and trusting employees especially when it comes to implementing flexi-timings to support work-life balance.

It is imperative to trust every line manager, since at the end of the day, the employee performance will be the sole responsibility of the manager’s responsibility. Thus, as long as the managers agree with the working of the employees with their direct reports, the top management, including the HR, need not interfere.

Unless there is a major issue where the employee takes it for granted, only then HR will have to step in to take necessary action, or rather to have a conversation with the employee. If it affects their performance, then corrective action will have to be implemented.

Time and again, real-world experience has shown that flexi-timings can really help to retain employees
– especially working mothers.

In urban cities, peak hour traffic is steadily becoming a hindrance. So flexi timings help employees to avoid this morning rush and take time out for personal responsibilities. As a result of this, they actually value the company more, as it helps them add value in life.

To overcome future challenges, companies, with the help of HR must understand that the endgame is all about people, the communication and the psychology of what people need and want at a given time. If companies don’t know how to motivate people, communicate it effectively and get people to feel comfortable in an environment they are unfamiliar with, the challenges of getting people to pursue other new things, and to develop themselves within the business, will increase and such dissatisfied people will go elsewhere where they are needed more.