An optimal Synthesis

From small-scale to bulk quantities, Custom Synthesis is optimal for synthesizing a range of products, which
are difficult to procure otherwise. Made-to-Order custom synthesis products can be synthesized using
methods designed by the custom synthesis team or by own chemists. These products are backed by
analytical data to suit various needs and can be offered on an exclusive basis or stocked for quick reorder

The major range of custom-synthesized products include:

  • Chemical Reagents
  • Catalysts and Ligands
  • Building Blocks
  • Materials for Organic Electronics
  • Chemical Standards/ Solutions
  • Lead-like or Drug-like Compounds
  • Chemical Service (Reaction screening, Special packaging)
  • Polymers


The key advantages of custom synthesis can be summarized as follows:

  • Reduction in costs and waste
  • Savings in time and effort
  • Fulfilment of exact requirements: target structure, required amount and comprehensive analytics
  • Access to complex structures & sensitive materials
  • Easy handling of pyrophoric materials
  • Secure supply chain from lab scale to process/ production
  • Quick delivery of products
  • Capabilities from gram to multi kg quantities
  • Customized packaging and Specification
  • Wide range of seamless scale-up options
  • Potential for transfer to large scale manufacturing facilities and GMP facilities