Amunix & Celgene Sign Licensing Agreement

Amunix Operating has entered into a licensing agreement with Celgene.

The agreement allows for the utilization of Amunix’s proprietary XTEN and ProTIA technology to augment ongoing discovery and development of therapeutics with the potential for improved delivery, enhanced safety, targeted delivery, and half-life attributes against specified targets selected by Celgene.

ProTIAs are bispecific molecules that bind tumor antigens and T cells. They are administered as long-acting prodrugs that can be activated in the tumor environment by tumor-associated proteases.

Volker Schellenberger, PhD, chief executive officer of Amunix said, “We are extremely pleased by the decision made by the Celgene team in selecting Amunix’s XTEN and ProTIA technologies to further enhance the development of its therapeutic drug pipeline. We look forward to future milestone achievements in the development of novel entities from the collaborative effort between our companies.”